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Your Large Format Production Specialist.

Robert Fleege & Partners specialize in all Out-of-home production related services. Outdoor production is relatively simple but can it be difficult to find the right vendor for a specific outdoor billboard or poster project. The differences in pricing can be enormous. It all comes down to specialization. One production/printer might be perfect for one format, material and quantity but completely off the chart with just one different variable.

We can help you with any and/or all parts of your Outdoor campaign. Creative, production or media. We can do just the production or just the creative whichever you choose. If your art is all ready to go we can just focus on getting it produced at top quality at the best price possible.



Our clients are direct advertisers, advertising agencies, outdoor media companies, and single plant/billboard structure operators. All we care about is getting your project done on time, at the right price, and done well so that we can do it again next time you have any kind of large format production needs.

Outdoor is the most mistake prone media -- all of them avoidable. It all boils down to experience and production know-how.

Robert Fleege & Partners have been specializing in outdoor production in all its forms since 1993. We know the best vendor for your specific production project. You'll get your campaign produced fast, correctly and at best possible price.

Call for a free quote and production consultation. What we need to know is:

1) what outdoor product you need production for. (14x48 bulletin, 30-sheet poster, Sticky back Wall vinyl, transit shelter posters, taxi tops, Gas pump cards, Bus Side Kings, Queens, Tails, Bench posters, bathroom posters you name it)

2) what is the quantity. How many units and how many different creative executions of each if multiple facings.

3) The length of the contract. For example Billboards that are planned to rotate for a full year might be better off produced on heavier vinyl and UV protection coated.

4) Any other specifics on your production project. Is the outdoor board viewed very closely as well as far away. (for close viewing a higher resolution might be applied). Is there an overrun required. (well this is something we usually can tell you depending on your media program)

Outdoor "creative" is produced anywhere from 1 to 100,000 pieces. The most cost effective vendor for 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 units ARE usually four different vendors.

Here are just some of the Out-of-home products we specialize in:

14' x 48' Bulletin Vinyl production. This the standard freeway billboard size. It is produced on vinyl canvas that wraps around the board. It should have 4" pockets and bleed all around the sides. The bulletin is often bought one by one, month per month. They can also be sold as a permanent (perms) with contract lengths of 6 months and up. On national campaigns up to a couple of hundred might be needed. For local campaigns you can use a rotation system where 1 or more bulletins are rotated throughout the market for a "fresh" audience. The bulletin can also be produced on poster paper and as a hand painted billboard. Yes, we can help you there too.

Custom size Billboard Vinyl production. Other custom sizes are:

10x40, 15x40, 20x60, 20x80

And any other size imaginable.

Premiere Panel or a vinyl wrapped 30-sheet. This size can vary from market to market depending on thickness of frames but usually falls around 12' x 25'. We double check all the specs directly with your billboard company to make sure the right size vinyl is produced.

Wallscape sticky back Vinyl production. Wallscape sizes vary and there really is no standard Wallscape format. They are often vertical as supposed to horizontal for most other outdoor products.

Trivision Billboard Production. Just about any outdoor product comes in a tri vision version. You may buy one or all three for a 3-frame "story-telling" concept. Production can be done on sticky back vinyl, paper or hand painted. We'll consult the outdoor plant directly so that the best production material is supplied. The most common tri-vision products are 14x48 Bulletins, 30-sheets and custom walls. Also kiosks and poster light boxes are popular but the creative is often applied on rolls instead of rotating triangles. Let us help.

The 30-sheet Poster. Billboard 30-sheet poster production is especially famous for HUGE price differences. The printing methods varies from silk screening, Digital printing and off-set printing depending on quantity and on what the creative looks like. Sometimes a section of a 30-sheet poster is produced one way and another section is produced in its own way -- all depending on photographic versus line art positioning, number of colors AND of course QUANTITY. We'll study your art and find the best vendors for the job. Sometimes moving a certain element to another part of the billboard can make a huge difference in pricing -- but again mostly depending on the quantity.

Transit Shelter | Bus Shelter Poster print production. Shelter posters are usually produced in larger quantities than billboards but again pricing, production method foremost comes down to quantity. Transit shelters can be produced on poster paper or duratrans material. Other variables are if the poster media buy is of back-lit posters or non back-lit posters.

Bus Side Posters Bus side posters comes in 3 main standard sizes. The King Poster, the Queen Poster and the tail poster. These are produced in two different ways depending on the Outdoor operator and the bus transit system. The most common is frameless sticky-back posters. The readily adhesive posters are simply applied and remove as stickers. It is important that the right sticky-back poster paper (vinyl) material is used. The most commonly accepted and demanded product is the easily removable Fasson screenprint adhesive vinyl. The other system is a card sliding into a frame. These posters must be produced on heavy card board or stiff polyester board. Again, we will double check the specifications of the operator before getting you the quotes. Streetcars and trains often have the same King & Queen sizes along with a super size king that is much longer.

Bus, undergound, train and streetcar and metro INTERIOR posters and car cards. These onboard medias are very effective and can be treated as the print ads of the outdoor business. Allowing for long copy and complex concepts. They can also carry tear off or take one cards. They are produced on card boards that slide into frames or stickers. Some trains systems offers an interior lightbox with rotating copy.

Airport, Train station. Metro station and Mall advertising Posters. They come in all shapes and material but are getting more and more standardized thanks to mergers and the "evil" of globalization. (hey globalization has its rewards). Such indoor large size posters are produced on high quality duratrans material for maximum backlit saturation. Many stations, especially older European metro stations still use billboard poster paper.

Other Outdoor products. Taxi tops, Cable car sides, Gas Pump Cards, Bench Advertising and Sports Stadium Banners all have their own production quirks and inside advantage opportunities. Let us deal with the production and make suggestions such as lamination and material. We also do bus wraps, cab and car wraps. Mobile Billboard vinyls.

Other Indoor Posters. Bathroom Cards, Indoor stadium posters, Indoor Mall posters, Grocery store posters, Grocery cart cards. We also produce Expo and trade show banners stands and booth back drops. The right background for your booth can make all the difference. Small to medium size Poster printing is another thing we specialize in.

This is just the brief overview. There are hundreds of various outdoor products and formats which can make the production seem like jungle even for the veteran marketer and designer. This is why it is best to use a professional production company like us to ease off the burden and liability of your staff -- even if you do have your own production staff.

Timing. Outdoor production is almost always extremely time sensitive. Usually the approval process of creative takes longer than anticipated and very little time is left for the producing the "paper". (industry term for all outdoor material)

We understand this better than anyone and only work with vendors that have the capability and the track record of quality and timely service.

Location. You might prefer working with a local company but before you do that give us a call. Our preferred vendor for your specific project might very well be in your area. Outdoor production is now done anywhere and can be shipped to New York equally fast and for the same price from Los Angeles as New Jersey. We take into account shipping charges and tax charges along with shipping timing. We consider all aspects of your outdoor production project and find the best solution.

Special Effects SFX. We love bringing special effects ideas and concepts to life. Anything from motion, audio, special lighting, simple extensions, to 3D spectacular objects. Talking, signing, and laughing billboards can make the news and cut through the clutter. Extensions are done on wood structures and printed on vinyl that is glued or stapled to the extension. 3D effects are produced in fiberglass or rubber inflated by air. Special lighting can be anything from neon letters or art outlines to fiberoptic sparkles. We also love to play with dolls, water and even fire. We will help you design and execute your ideas. We manage the special effects production company and coordinate the production with the billboard plant.

Please call Robert Fleege at Robert Fleege & Partners to discuss your next outdoor production project today:

Office: 614- 478-9733

Cell: 614-270-9043


Thank you for visiting. Robert Fleege and partners can you with the following:

• low-cost banners with grommets for concerts, events art & food festivals, trade and consumer shows.

• indoor or outdoor banners, backdrops and canvases. See through mess vinyls.

• inexpensive large run, large quantity off-set poster printing or digital short run, low quantity poster production.

• real estate banners and signs with photographic images and graphics.

• construction site signage and cover-up vinyls. Developer signs.

• theater or artistic performance back drops and backgrounds.

• Scenic Photographic "wallpaper" for any room. Floor to ceiling.

• enlargement of photos or collages of images for your home or office walls. Fullsize childrens playroom murals on adhesive vinyl. we can help you design it too.

• non profit and pro bono messaging such as missing child banners community service communication.

• Sports team banners and club signs.

• discount billboard advertising vinyl

• discount Billboard posters.

• vehicle, taxi bus, truck and mini van wraps. Radio stations, delivery vans, company cars. Turn your business expense and miles into advertising impressions.

Buy Low-cost wholesale prices. Order low or large quantities and discount pricing. We'll work with any budget. It's not all fun and creative around here. We Specialize in Top Quality but affordable outdoor print production. We compare and shop around for the best factory direct wholesale price and pass the savings on to you. Inexpensive production comes through market, outdoor product, and material knowledge. Online order, file transfers and project management also keeps the costs down. Printing is all about quantity. The cheapest price, low-cost vendor for a run of 1, 5, 20 and 100 posters or vinyls are 4 different printers. Learn more about our production only capabilities at Billboard HQ - production.

Robert Fleege is a freelance art director and copywriter specializing in creative outdoor billboard advertising design & production. Out-of-home Posters and transit media. Wallscapes, Bus Posters and bench advertising. Nationwide Media, Creative and production services: Akron, Albuquerque Atlanta, Atlantic City, Austin, Canton, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New Jersey, New York City, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Reno, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa Bay, Toledo, Washington DC.

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