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Why? Because:

Anybody who's anybody in the GoLive community is listed here.

Anybody who is anybody and who is not listed here with their training resource or site contact me! :)

And if you ARE listed here a back link would be appreciated. - GoLive Training & Tutorial Resource.

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Recommended Books & Software:

Creative Pro Adobe Addicts

Of course: The Best Tutorial is "FREE" already built in GoLive Help.

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Fleege's GoLive Crusade - A collection of the world's best GoLive training Websites & Resources:

Our Mission - To keep GoLive going strong and with that helping people expressing themselves on the net. - Fleege's GoLive Crusade

This collection of GoLive links is designed to help people get the most out of using Adobe's fantastic WYSIWYG web development program. Spread the word about this GoLive website directory. Bookmark this page for future reference since it is quite buried and hard to find on

We can't leave the future of GoLive on the sole shoulders of a Swedish dentist. (inside GL joke - great work u-know-who:) Let's all reach out and keep the best web design software package going strong. Should you run, or know of any other great GoLive sites hit me with a link request or suggestion.

In addition to clicking and studying every single site in this directory (scroll way down) -- what are the absolute best Adobe GoLive Training products available?:

Simply: (in order of value)

The 1st and best value is the tutorial help built in GoLive itself. Very underutilized.

Best prices for adobe software is surprise surprise at AMAZON: Check out the GoLive page at amazon: Amazon Adobe GoLive products Hot money saving tip! See "buy used" at amazon (the software is new and don't worry Amazon still get their cut)











The 2nd best GoLive value out there: (well, the first if you already own the software)

Adobe GoLIVE Tips and Tricks

by Adam Pratt and Lynn Grillo Best spent money!

The only drawback is that you have to READ. (a great read)

Now also available GoLive CS2 Tips and Tricks.

GoLive # 3 top training tool: (well, # 1 if you don't have to worry about cost or if someone else is paying)

Total Training Presents:
The Essentials of Adobe® GoLive® CS

Price: $49.99 Format: CD Platform: Windows & MAC OS Experience Level: Beginner Through Advanced Running Time: 3 Hours The Essentials of Adobe® GoLive® CS delivers the vital tools needed to create stunning, professional Web sites. Hosted by Web designer and GoLive® expert, Steve Holmes, you'll enjoy an engaging tour that will dramatically enhance your Web development capabilities.

Total Training Presents:
Adobe® GoLive® CS2 icon

Price: $99.99 Format: DVD(ROM) Platform: Windows & MAC OS Experience Level: Beginner Through Advanced Running Time: 7 Hours. Host, Lynn Grillo, provides detailed instruction of advanced GoLive CS2 topics An entire hour is dedicated to Web design tips and tricks. Plus—register for a free copy of MenuMachine, a GoLive CS2 plug-in for easy creation of dropdown menus. Excellent Value!

Total Training Presents:
iconCreative Suite 2 Premium Plus Bundle

Included in the bundle: Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional, Adobe Creative Suite 2 — From Design to Delivery, Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe GoLive CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS2 Plus you now get: Total Training Presents: QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign CS - Making the Switch & Total Training Presents: Tips and Tricks for Adobe Photoshop

Retail Value $1279.92 ($379.93 Savings)
$899.99 - Incredible value




GoLive # 4 top training tool.

GoLive in a Classroom features easy to follow assignments with step by step instructions and templates. Book + CD. Go ahead. You should get this extensive volume if you have the Total Training DVD/CD and the Tips and Tricks book.

For the dedicated do-it-yourself self study enthusiast. The assignments are easy to follow and very very hands-on and helpful.


Tip # 1 - the most valuble tip of all tips - Actively participate in these great GoLive Forums and software community bulletin boards - message boards.

The absoloute best way to learn is through active participation in Golive Forums. - The ultimate Golive Forum Join the more than 500 members helping each other.

Do you want to start a GoLive User Web Forum or rename your forum: is for sale. Currently parked at NameDrive. THE best place to park your unused domains.


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Great GoLive Tips & Tutorials

Excellent GoLive Tutorials: Alternative to i-frame, 3d Tables, Background image variations, User controlled Scroll Area, i-Frame, Image Maps, Sticky Links, Sticky Links w. Rollover, Remote Rollover, Slideshow, Drop Menu, Floating Box, Rollover - GoLive Essentials

Free Adobe GoLive Training Videos:

Adobe GoLive Tutorials (official Adobe site)

Adobe GoLive 7 Tutorials | Adobe GoLive 911

GoLive Third-Party Actions and Extensions

Create cool drop down menus easily with MenuMachine from Big Band Software. A great value for just $45. MenuMachine is designed especially for Adobe GoLive integrating with GoLive 6, GoLive CS and GoLive CS2. Great browser compatibility. Internet Expolorer, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox. Runs on Mac OS 9 (GoLive 6 only), Mac OS X and Windows.
Big Bang have now released Menu Machine 2 and it sells for $65.


More GoLive Tutorials, Actions and Scripts - Adobe Studio Exchange is your place for actions, plug-ins, extensions, tutorials, and other helper files that allow you to easily add new features to Adobe products. You can even create your own files, upload them, and share them with the entire Adobe Studio Exchange community. To begin, simply browse by product to find thousands of free, easy-to-use files that will help you get more out of your Adobe applications.

Straight to the golive section: Adobe STUDIO exchange Golive
Some unfortunately old templates, actions, extensions  
Cross-media - Extensions - Integration Templates - JavaScript Actions - Site Templates - Tutorials. Come on GoLive community. Let's step up and share some great templates.

ninis world - 4 turorials from Nini Tjäder's Mac Corner - Set Image URL - Stripping <font> tags
- Preloading an image • Working with tables and tablegrids in GoLive CS/CS2

Golive basics - some tutorials on aspects of Adobe Golive 6 - level beginner/intermediate

Great tutorial on making menus with submenus! - by John Donaldson

Adobe GoLive Actions : Rasmussens Design

Adobe Dynamic Content Guide

GoLive Talk Search

Big Bang GoLive Extend Scripts

Ahgren GoLive Actions

daverj's actions for GoLive 5 & 6

GoLive Actions by MindPalette

<<sad.ark.tutorials>> - links to Actions and Extensions for Adobe GoLive.

Adobe® GoLive® CSS Palette - This is a collection of drag and drop CSS boxes for use with Adobe GoLive. With these building blocks, you can build various types of fixed and fluid layouts quickly and easily.

GoLive Templates

Template Tutorial : GoLive CS


GoLive VIDEOS CD DVD QuickTime Windows Media Player

Adobe GoLive with Total Training DVDs - bar none the best video tutorials

Five short FREE "super basic" video tutorials. - 44 more through subscription. ($79.99)

Five short FREE Advanced video tutorials on creating forms - 35 more though subscription. for Only $79.99 - which includes hundreds of other software tutorials.

Learning GoLive 6 with: Shane Rebenschied Learning GoLive 6 with Shane Rebenschied is a workshop that includes over 15 hours of movie-based tutorials.

5 FREE videos totaling 30 minutes. Subcribe to all for $25/mo. Great Value

42 free basic videos free. - Demo the first 3 chapters FREE of this Adobe GoLive 6 training course and all the other titles in our range this is to help you evaluate the quality of our content. If you decide to join you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all of the 260+ titles, you can log in from any location and no restrictions are placed on the amount of titles watched, you may also cancel at anytime you wish. We also add new titles each month at no extra charge. That's over 3000 hours worth of high quality training for just $25.00

QuickTime movie Tutorial

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create an interactive QuickTime movie with multiple rollover buttons and videos.

GoLive software Groups

About the GoLive Talk Email Discussion Group

GoLive Live classes Software training

Other GoLive Resources - This forum needs your help.

ninis world - 4 turorials from Nini Tjäder's Mac Corner - Set Image URL - Stripping <font> tags
- Preloading an image • Working with tables and tablegrids in GoLive CS/CS2


Italian GoLive User Group

GoLive in French

German GoLive Tipps & Tricks - German GoLive Message board - Hilfe mit Deutsche GoLive. foren für livemotion, flash, webdesign, adobe, flashanimation, web tools, internet, auftritt, fragen, antworten, formular, flashdesign, golive 6, golive 5, photoshop, tabelle, tabellen, turorial, programm, beispiele, layouts, programmierung, skripte, hilfe, html, dhtml, swf, golive 8, tipps, Traurig - mein High School Deutsch ist recht rostig.

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Should you run or know of any other great GoLive sites hit me with a link request or suggestion.


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Fleege’s GoLive Crusade Link Collection

THINK BIG. Robert Fleege is an advertising art director and copywriter specializing in Out-of-home Creative, Media Consulting, Outdoor Creative Concepts, Billboard Design and large Format Production, Print Advertising and Graphic Design. Visit Portfolio with Advertising Design and Copywriting samples above.

Robert Fleege - GoLive Crusader

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New Creative Suite 2 Training has arrived.

Amazon Software

Robert Fleege is a freelance art director and copywriter specializing in creative outdoor billboard advertising design & production. Out-of-home Posters and transit media. Wallscapes, Bus Posters and bench advertising. Nationwide Media, Creative and production services: Akron, Albuquerque Atlanta, Atlantic City, Austin, Canton, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New Jersey, New York City, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Reno, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa Bay, Toledo, Washington DC.

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