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Just last month viral junction became part of the elite top 25 referrer of 160,000 web marketers of the webs most successful web marketing community FreeAdvertisingForum.

Here's how and why:

In may 2005 we became a reseller of the fabulous Reseller Panel (free ofcourse)- see my storefront: www.urlguru.com

We liked the concpet of free Private label marketing opportunities so we started to look for more of them. Found the FreeAdvertisingForums storefront and plugged that into our web of storefronts too. Soon we had a bunch of Private label storefronts all linking to each other. The true breakthrough came in June 2006 when we discovered online viral marketing. We joined a few programs and soon we found ourself being the top marketer in many of our online storefront programs. It simply works. No big deal - but people are now joining our programs left and right and we do absolutely nothing.

The programs we recommend are all free. You should join them all and also consider upgrading to paid member on a few of them - especially LinkScout and LinkReferral.

The key is to Join as many free private label storefronts as possible and then join the free marketing programs and link everyhting together.

The work. Proof: my FAF screen name is urlGuru.

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Visit Linkscout!

www.linkscout.com Visitors can just post ads or better yet Grab the free Link page for all their Web sites, Promotions, affiliate programs and banners. Upgrade to pro is available for additional benefits.

www.LinkReferral.com Link referral community. Get a free webpage. Visit and comment on members sites. Earn Points. Get traffic.

www.FreeViral.com New Viral Marketers will visit your site to get a credit to launch their own Viral campaign. Great way to get massive exposure.

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hitmagik.com | megaresponse.com | freeadvertisingforum.com - simply join since you get a free site like this | ShowMyLinks.com |

Also DO not miss; PrivateLabelHQ.com - Set up free Private label storefronts for both free traffic and income.

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