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If you're not applying viral marketing to spread your online or offline message, your website(s), or promotions you are simply not operating on all web marketing cylinders.

Viral marketing aka Buzz marketing, WOM - Word of mouth marketing or social marketing. Viral marketing shares principles with MLM or multi level network marketing although it is not necessarily as organized or controllable. It is referred to viral because it spreads like a virus. Like a wildfire or butterfly effect. It is very hard to control but if your core message is something good you have nothing to worry about. Set it free and watch it fly. If it is something that over promises and under delivers then viral marketing is your public enemy number 1.

Your online organic viral marketing is simply people spreading the word through blog feeds, referring to you & your site or gospel on forums, in live chat rooms, shout boxes and blogs.

There are also Viral marketing scripts and systems in place. They work simply because the viewers also have something to gain. They might visit your message only to collect a point or to earn a credit to setting up their own message. This kind of Viral marketing produces a massive amount of low-yield traffic BUT if your message is good, a small percentage of the viewers will react, buy, bookmark or simply return later. Even a small percentage out of a massive matrix based VM galaxy can be a significant and ever GROWING number.

With Millions of pages added to the internet every hour you need to utilize all methods known to internet marketers including viral marketing.

Here are some of the best viral marketing channels out there. The good news is they are all free.(true to Viral marketing form)

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linkscout.com | FreeViral.com | searchestate.com | LinkReferral.com | advertopia.com | www.hitmagik.com |

megaresponse.com | 1millionvisitors.com | freeadvertisingforum.com - simply join since you get a free site like this | ShowMyLinks.com |

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