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Australia 2002

Oct 9 - 23

Visiting Kai & Kati Eerola + Peppi and yet unborn Ida Matilda.

Kai dreaming of a cold and dark Helsinki.
We did it!
See climbers next to the flag.
Paddington rocks - The charming 36 Cambridge Street On the 10 hrs drive to Byron Bay we all were scouting our first live Roo encounter. Lisa won but it was unverified. Kai later claimed the title with a verified sighting to all our delight. On the way back - they barely made us turn our heads.

Did you know the Kangoroos actually fist fight like boxers. The champ then gets to be the main man and do all the female Roos during his reign -- until he is challanged and defeated. Much like the human heavyweight boxing .

Like todally.
Robban Lisa and Kati take a catamaran cruise on the Sydney Bay.
The House we rented was front row property.
Kai carefully reading a Finnish maternity mag.
Peppi the magnificient - you wouldn't understand if you haven't had the priviledge to have met this fantastic specimen.
Lisa in the backyard with Peppi.
Lisa proudly showing off her new "bad girl" tattoo.
Rented a surf board for the week. We all looked great carrying it. On the last day we finally got a hang of the bastard. Hats off to all the dudes.
yeah - we did some culture stuff too.

Dali was in town

Loyal dog patiently waiting for his dude.
Last day at the beach house. The split is only 3 days away...

Both Peppi and Lisa will be hurting badly... (luckily there is Greta)

Peppi, his new toy and Robban chilling in the back-deck hammock.
Thanks Kaitsu & Kati. It was a vacation of a lifetime.